• Quique Dacosta - 3 Michelin Star Chef

    EL MIL DEL POAIG olive oil
    Millenarios offers the highest quality for an avant-garde restaurant and I am proud to work with it in my kitchen and offer it on my table.

  • Agustín F. Balbi - Chef Restaurante Ando - Hong Kong - 1 Michelin Star

    It is an honor for us to work with EL POAIG oils in Ando. The quality is supreme and the surprise it offers our guests is priceless.

  • Javier de Andrés - National Gastronomy Award

    Without a doubt, the Maestrat region and its ancient olive trees are part of these chosen places where one can contemplate history in a glass. Poaig oils are part of the gastronomic heritage of the Mediterranean.