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El Mil del Poaig (500ml)

El Mil del Poaig (500ml)

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Variety: Farga

Packaging: Bottled to order in 500ml hand-made white porcelain oliers

Average performance: 11.62%

Collection: Manual, manual and mechanical vibrator

Grinding: Two-phase cold centrifugation at 21º

Storage: Oxygen-free stainless steel tanks with noble gases to prevent oxidation

Location: El MAESTRAT region, north of the Valencian Community, Spain


Color: Greenish yellow.

Aroma: Intense fruitiness of green olive, freshly cut grass, with floral nuances, orange blossom, orange leaf, nuts and almond. Each nuance is well defined and does not interfere with the aroma of the others. The aroma of artichoke also stands out.

Taste: In the mouth it is harmonious, sweet, light bitter notes immediately appear accompanied by a soft spiciness, typical of the fresh oils of this variety. Its fluidity, together with its complexity of flavors (grapefruit, licorice, bramble shoots), make it very round in the mouth, finally appreciating a clear flavor of fresh almonds, continuing with a long, green and fresh aftertaste, typical of the personality of this variety.

Pairing: Due to its classification, it is an oil that pairs perfectly with any dish, especially salads, desserts, fresh vegetables, taking into account that they do not have to be very salty.

EL MIL DEL POAIG is the world's first organic olive oil from ancient trees (between 1000-3000 years old). Presented in a 500ml handmade ceramic oliera, made of handmade porcelain. It is an exclusive and limited oil , with a maximum annual production of 950 bottles in total .



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